Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring cleaning

Yesterday, I somehow decided that I'd pick up where I left off with this blog. I thought perhaps blogging would help me in some way, as my life's probably more confusing and chaotic than it was three years ago. However, I happened to read some of the old posts today and decided that perhaps a fresh start was a good idea!

So, as of a few minutes ago, all but one posts have been deleted. This also saves time cleaning up the comments. I was a little impressed with them actually. Many of the comments were addressed to me (as Smiler), and some even included the post's title. Granted, it's straightforward, but it was unexpected.

Returning to the present, today's been another disappointment. After wasting the morning watching TV, I decided to dress and do some work. I abstained from climbing in Tunbridge Wells so I could do some work, and while I've done some, there's not much to show for it. Unfortunately, my lack of productivity seems inevitable.

So tomorrow, hopefully, will be more productive. Complete at least one piece of coursework and catch up with friends at the pub in the evening. Who knows, I may even get onto another piece of work!

Days to Lake District holiday:4
Days to start of term:16

Listening to the Moody Blues, "The Collection"

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