Thursday, March 27, 2008

Blogg's blog of blogging

I've never really known what to make of blogging. Granted, I started this blog three years ago, apparently with the best intentions, but look at the date of the last post: 6th May 2005! The thing that gets me is who cares? Why would anyone want to read what I have to say?

Well, why do I feel I have to say it? Blogging is a form of escape, or voicing one's opinions, telling the world how you feel and what you think, even if it's not listening. After all, if it makes you feel better, does it matter whether people care? It's already served its purpose. Maybe it's because I naturally expect reward for my efforts. Some feedback is always nice when you've performed some unordinary act (perhaps blogging is ordinary now though?), so I guess it's only natural.

Anyway, I'm certain no-one cares about the first two paragraphs of this post. What I really mean to say is: I forgot this blog existed, and in my absence the comments have been swamped with spam. I mean really, who spams blogs? What a sad reflection on the modern world. So anyway, perhaps now I'll keep this blog a little more up-to-date. After all, my life's a little more interesting now!

What can happen in three years? Well, in adolescence, what seems like a life time! Since 2005, I've completed my A-levels, jumped through UCAS hoops to be accepted by ECS in Southampton and completed the first year of my electronics degree. In the same time, I've had several relationships, formed new friendships, moved away from home and generally grown up a bit. After all, I'm writing this aged twenty! And really, twenty isn't old.

So now, on this 27th March 2008, I have more pressing concerns than whether I'll own an Apple computer and how well the Netscape beta performs (RIP Netscape...). I have a five page essay on magnetic plasma confinement and a 1000-word personal report for a somewhat complex lab completed before the break. This means I need to catch up on the maths that alluded me so last semester to understand the electromagnetic theory to write said essay. (Basically, last semester was close to a nightmare, but turned out as a very haunted dream.) So maybe now is an apt time to begin writing a blog again?

Odd, as when I started this blog, I think I'd intended to avoid anything personal and stick to tech. How times do change.


Chris said...

Hey. Thanks for the link. I agree with what you said about blogging as a form of escapism. I used to think it was just narcissim, but its quite relaxing. See you in Crewe!

Anonymous said...

My top blogging tip - use a service like Feedburner so you can see the stats on who's subscribed to your blog (Blogger might do this itself, I don't know). People are more likely to subscribe and read than to participate and comment.